• Access to rail services without a large capital investment
  • Access to a number of value-added services
  • Shippers do not need to be located directly on rail for rail service. Product can be trucked from rail transload site to facility. 
  • Use storage in transit to keep product available at low cost.

Blacklands Railroad customers are currently transloading:

  • Steel Pipe from the railroad to an adjacent storage yard, with final delivery by truck.
  • Steel scrap from a storage yard to the railroad
  • Plastic pellets from the railroad hopper car to a truck.
  • Bulk liquid animal feed from a tank car to truck
  • Frac-Sand
  • Aggregates

Facilities Available
- Blacklands Railroad’s 73-mile railroad traverses the heart of the northeast Texas Blackland Prairie. Any community on our line is strategically located next to Interstate Highway 30 midway between Dallas, Texas and Texarkana, Texas. Locations along our line are within a 60-minute drive of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Henderson-Overton Branch Railroad now offers transloading facilities throughout the Rusk County (Tex.) Rural Rail District, roughly east-southeast of Dallas.  This also allows easy access to (Crude Oil pipe lines and natural Gas Pipe lines) in the area for transloading via rail to pipe lines.

Communities Along the Line

  • Greenville,TX
  • Henderson,TX
  • Neylandville TX
  • Overton, TX
  • Commerce, TX
  • Ridgeway, TX
  • Sulphur Springs, TX
  • Saltillo, TX
  • Mt. Vernon,TX
  • Winfield, TX

We also have Transload facilities located in:

– Rusk County, TX

– Odessa, TX

Fernley, NV

Locations for immediate transload:

  • Winfield, Tx: This 200 to 300 acre site is approved for transloading and temporary pipe storage. It is currently available to potential customers.
  • Henderson, Tx: Has a few rail served sites with transload capability of sand, rock, crude oil, plastics, oil field materials and supplies
  • Greenville, Commerce, and Sulphur Springs, Tx: Tracks are available for immediate use as a transload location with an absolute minimum of investment.

Almost any property adjacent to our right-of-way can support transload activities with some improvements. Blacklands Railroad will work hand-in-hand with economic development corporations in communities along our line to help provide a more convenient location for your business’s transloading needs.  
Any of these agencies can assist you in acquiring and developing a property along the route:

  • Greenville Economic Development Corporation
  • Commerce Economic Development Corporation
  • Rusk County- Henderson Economic Development Corporation
  • Sulphur Springs Economic Development Corporation
  • Mt. Vernon Economic Development Corporation
  • Mt. Pleasant Industrial Foundation.