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Blacklands Railroad tailors all of its services specifically to the needs of each customer. We do not pre-determine when our customers will receive service; we provide service as it is requested. We believe that no customer is too small to deserve the best service possible. We always maintain open lines of communication with our Class I partners to ensure efficient service to and from their lines and to address the unanticipated service or equipment issues that may arise.

Blacklands Railroad strives to provide a full complement of transportation solutions to shippers and receivers, including:

  • 24 Hour Service
  • 286,000lbs Maxium Weight limit
  • Customer On-Demand Switching

On-Line Switching Services – Interchange freight traffic is picked up from our Class I partners and delivered as needed to any customer on the line. We would be glad to partner with your firm to provide switching service in any community.

Contract Switching Services – We provide switching services for the North East Texas Rural Rail District and for the Herderson Overton Branch Railroad in Rusk County TX. We can also provide switching services for your industrial facility or short-line railroad operation. 
Please contact us and let us know how we may help you.

Interchange with Two Class I Railroads – Union Pacific Railroad at Mt. Pleasant, TX, Kansas City Southern at Sulphur Springs, TX and Greenville, TX,Union Pacific Railroad at Overton, TX

Transloading Unit Trains – Frac sand, Crude Oil, Pipe, Oil field Materials, Aggregates, Plastics

Car Repair – It is not unusual for a freight car to need minor repairs while in transit. Repairing cars is a normal part of our business and we can assist you in running repairs to your car or custom upgrades and modifications to your older fleet. Contact us for details about maintenance and repairs available for your freight cars.

Car Storage – As our nation’s economy cycles through it’s ups and downs, you may have a need to temporarily store your business’s empty or loaded railroad freight cars. Our line has storage capacity for 300 to 400 cars. Please call for a rate quote for car storage.

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