Railcar Services

Blacklands Railroad strives to provide a full complement of transportation solutions to our customers. We are a one-stop-shop for rail car storage, inspection, and repair.

Car Repair – It is not unusual for a freight car to need minor repairs while in transit. Repairing rail cars is a normal part of our business and we provide a wide array of services to keep your cars moving. Contact us for details about maintenance and repairs available for your freight cars.

Just a few of the rail car repairs we can provide:

  • Re-stenciling
  • Cleaning
  • Safety Appliance Repair
  • Bottom Outlet Repair
  • Air Brake Tests

Car Storage – As our nation’s economy cycles through it’s ups and downs, you may have a need to temporarily store your business’s empty or loaded railroad freight cars. Our line has storage capacity for 300 to 400 cars. Please call us for a rate quote for car storage.


Railcar Questions?